Are you an artist interested in working with us for licensing?

Please reach out via email and tell us a bit more about your project before signing up. At this time we are exclusively signing alternative (pop/rock/electro/r&b) Nashville-based artist-writers.

“We are here for you. We know your songs inside and out and we believe in you and in your music. We want to help build careers – it’s not just about a single placement opportunity. It’s not just about today; it’s about tomorrow.” – Liz Rogers

The Anacrusis Licensing Team actively seeks out unique artists who we feel would be a great addition to our catalog. We specifically work with artists in Nashville so that we can build relationships and support them in all aspects of their careers, not just in licensing. We are constantly looking for artists we feel are right for our team and ready for this next step into licensing. We are very selective in the artists we represent so that we can maintain both the high quality of music we believe in, as well as the personal relationship with you and your music.

Our agreements and splits are different for each artist we work with because we understand that all of our artists are different. We want our artists to feel comfortable and trust us when we say we have their best interest at heart. That said, most of our agreements are based on a standard 50/50 split of the upfront sync fee. You must control 100% of the rights to your material, including the rights to the recorded masters. Anacrusis agreements and anything we take are based solely on the song(s) selected, and does not affect any other material in your personal catalog.

We won't move forward with anything without talking to you personally. We want to build real relationships with our artists and that doesn't happen online. That's one of the reasons we love working with Nashville artists. So... let's get to know each other!

Please shoot me an email and say hi before signing up!

Ready to get started?