SVRCINA (Sur-Cee-Nah) is one of pop music’s fastest rising stars, with her collective songs totaling over 17 million streams on Spotify alone. Signing her first songwriting deal at the tender age of 13, she became one of the youngest songwriters in Nashville with a major publishing deal. SVRCINA has grown and changed as any artist, writer, and young person does; now in her early twenties she is coming into her own.

SVRCINA's goal is to create music that not only she connects with personally, but is culturally transcendent. Experimentation with sounds, mixtures of musical elements with cultural personality traits, influenced by faith and current events, SVRCINA is carving out a niche that music lovers around the world will embrace.

In the midst of releasing singles from her own projects, SVRCINA has released multiple collaborations with Man Cub, TWENTYSOMETHING, Arcando, Built By Titan, Hidden Citizen, Tommee Profitt, and Koni among others. As a writer, she had her first major label cut with MOTi ft. Icona Pop “Sink Deeper”, and another feature project with Sj & Joakim Molitor, “Live Without You” both released in April 2019. There is a chance you may have heard her voice on major networks such as ABC, CBS, HBO and CW on Quantico, Station 19, Containment and Roswell, New Mexico to name a few. In addition, her song “Who Are You” (written with Jordan Frye and frequent collaborator Super Duper) is being used in the promo for new series Emergence which will premiere this fall on ABC.

SVRCINA released her sophomore project Hearing Colour on June 14th with over 3 million collective streams. For SVRCINA, Hearing Colour represents the culmination of a season of artistic and personal discovery and introspection.

The Call

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ANA11099 The Call
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