Anacrusis has two key verticals: publishing and licensing.

Anacrusis is a Nashville-based publishing and licensing company, focused on local alternative artist-writers.

Anacrusis Publishing

Anacrusis is passionate about signing new Nashville-based writer-producers to further build and grow the community of pop and alternative creators in Nashville. Most recently, Anacrusis publishing signed a global admin and licensing deal with Kobalt Music Group. Anacrusis writers have collaborated with top artists including Steve Aoki, NERVO, HUGEL, Cade, Andreas Moss, Daniella Mason, and Ron Pope, and have had songs recorded by CAPPA, Caroline Glaser, James Cottriall, Fleurie, J. Human, and more. Anacrusis also hosts annual writer retreats, often flying in outside writers or music supervisors to join the writing groups. Although we believe our writers are paving the way in this emerging local scene, we are actively sending them to NY and LA to write and collaborate within those communities as well. Producing, toplining, writing -- we would love to find a way to work with you! est. 2016

Anacrusis Licensing

Anacrusis is redefining the artist experience in music licensing in Nashville, actively working with artists on a personal level through showcase opportunities and artist development. By focusing on the artist, we are able to work with their vision, their team, and their fan base to secure targeted and valuable placements in television, film, advertising, trailers, and video games. We also coordinate with our artists' tour schedules to set up showcases and meetings with clients in other cities, as well as host music supervisors for showcases here in Nashville. We have a small roster, and strive to develop a real relationships with our artists. We are not a catalog or a library. Anacrusis has secured placements with T-Mobile, Nordstrom, Tommy Hilfiger, Nashville (ABC), The Ranch (Netflix), Hand of God (Amazon), Cooper Barrett (FOX), Grimm (NBC), and more. est. 2014 .

Want to learn more about submitting an artist for consideration? Read more about what we're looking for here.

Anacrusis Events

We are reimagining the publishing and licensing industry through an experiential marketing lens. Anacrusis focuses on relationships and experiences to grow our client base and secure opportunities for our artists, while also creating truly unique and memorable moments. We focus a significant number of our events here in Nashville, including presenting showcases with the Nashville Film Festival, partnering with Acme Radio Live, and working alongside WHO KNEW to create programming like "The Pitch: An Evening with Music Supervisors." We also do retreats and events outside of Nashville, such as "The Nashville House" at SXSW, and our annual writing camp and retreat at the Sundance Film Festival. All of our out-of-state events specifically highlight the music scene in Nashville.

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More about Anacrusis...

Liz Rogers

Founder and Creative Director, Liz got her start in Nashville at Vanderbilt University, where she studied music performance, musical theatre, business, and education. With internships in marketing, licensing, and publishing, she began working on the brand side in experiential marketing. Shortly out of college, got a job doing songplugging for a small country publishing company, where she formed relationships with supervisors and artist-writers. With a passion for the Nashville alternative music scene and her background in marketing, she branched off to begin what is now Anacrusis. In addition to the publishing, licensing and artist development that Anacrusis focuses on, Liz also is an independent music supervisor and has worked on several films and documentaries. Liz is an Advisor at the Entrepreneur Center, Co-Chair of the Music Committee of the Nashville Film Festival, an Adjunct Artist Teacher at her alma mater, Vanderbilt University, and a member of SOLID (Society Of Leaders In Development) Alumni Committee.
Awards and Honors: Nashville Emerging Leader Awards Nominee and Finalist 2017, Expert Industry Advisor Award at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center 2017, Women in Music "Women in Sync” Nominee and Finalist 2016, Entrepreneur of the Month Spotlight at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center 2016, The Nashville Guide Spotlight 2016.
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Mission statement

Anacrusis is a Nashville-based publishing and licensing company, focused on local alternative artist-writers. We strive to build upon the existing careers of emerging artists and writers through visible sync placements and artist cuts, and to become a trusted source of high-quality music, while focusing on building meaningful, personal relationships.

Origin of "Anacrusis"

Anacrusis: (pronounced anna-crew-siss) upbeat; specifically: one or more notes or tones preceding the first downbeat of a musical phrase. See: upbeat.
(This is why our slogan is "We're ahead of the music")
Upbeat: an unaccented beat or beats that occur before the first beat of a measure. Optimistic; happy; cheerful; positive
(Our team's outlook on life and opportunities.)
Origin of anacrusis: from Greek anakrousis: beginning of a song, from anakrouein: to begin a song.