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americana, country, country rock, and folk

ballad, heartfelt, intimate, laid back, liberating, lifting, passionate, sentimental, southern, steady, and uplifting

Lyrical Themes:
admiration, celebration, country, devotion, freedom, home, love, nature, pride, southern living, and the great outdoors

Similar Artists:
Head and the Heart, Mumford And Sons, The Avett Brothers, and The Lumineers


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    • Making Ghosts (#3)
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Description: This song's slow but steady beat makes it an intimate country rock and folk anthem for the state of Tennessee

Lyrics: Well the Cumberland River won't carry you very far away When you're moving down the banks at the river's own speed And the smoke from the mountains in the east, is gonna help you sleep When you hear the rain falling on the old birch tree We're talking bout Tennessee, you just won't let me be We're talking bout Tennessee Just some lonely ole boys on a lonely stage They told you not to come, but you could not stay away Yeah, you brought it from the delta, to the Memphis street Now it's catching on and everybody wants to play Well I climbed to the top of your mountains, and I swan to the bottom of your creeks And I drank all the whiskey that you've been pouring in to me I ran from the ghosts of the soldiers walking cross the ancient field And I prayed in the church that all this music helped to build

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Created by: Liz Rogers

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