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Title: ANA10656 City of Love with 4AM, Sound Patrol, Pardion

Alt Title: 4AM/Sound Patrol/Pardion feat. Trove - City Of Love

Date Of Creation: 2018-01-01

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alternative, electro pop, electronic, and pop

atmospheric, attitude, dj, explosive, and pounding

Lyrical Themes:
deception, emotional pain, escape, fighting, insecurity, letting go, love, lust, new beginning, and relationship

Similar Artists:
Calvin Harris, Cheat Codes, Matoma, Porter Robinson, and Sondr


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  1. Vocal
    • City of Love (feat. Trove) - Single (#1)
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Description: Collaboration between producers 4AM and Sound Patrol featuring Pardion, with vocals and topline by TROVE. BPM 90

Lyrics: call me a liar wearing my hoodie with your curls reach for a lighter and ask if I do this for all the girls I start a fire when I ask about you eyes how they can be so bright when you refuse to let in light chorus: I can tell you wanna hide away do what you can to numb the pain it's clear how we choose something to believe in you said you were hoping yesterday that today's a little less gray but the city's still a master at deceiving oh you put up such a fight don't believe the hype it's not wrong to cry and I know you know I'm right all you seem to find pain with love in mind sat in a corner and you're not new to building walls you're not getting warmer but it's still cold outside your doors you're getting higher but all I see is how you fall as you pull me to the floor I try to dry your eyes once more chorus

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Created by: Liz Rogers

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