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Title: ANA10717 Tie Dye Eyes (Lucky Rose Remix)

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Date Of Creation: 2017-11-30

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dance, electro pop, electronic, and pop

bold, energetic, feel-good, lifting, and spirited

Lyrical Themes:
attraction, falling, hold on, letting go, and passion

Similar Artists:
Calvin Harris, Charlie Puth, Ed Sheeran, Flume, Justin Bieber, and Shawn Mendes


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  1. Vocal
    Duration: 3:02
    • Tie Dye Eyes (Lucky Rose Remix) (#1)
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Description: Lucky Rose remix version of Trove's Tie Dye Eyes. BPM 98

Lyrics: Fairy lights burn into my bones Blurry night, reach into my soul Like a fever i can feel you taking all the control Stumbling, tripping on the sky You and I, sipping on the night Spinning like we're shy of falling deep in the ride Your cocaine colours in my blood These two wild hearts define the high Liquid love it filling up I fall into your tie dye eyes Burn until we burn out Try to fight the come back down Shiver over your thighs Fall into your tie dye eyes Trying to find the upside Let a little sting inside Shimmer as we make light Fall into your tie dye eyes Feeling like calling through the crowd Running out, connected to your sound Like a terror, we're the trouble, we don't want to be found Murmuring, your heart starts to race Euphoria forming, yeah we love the chase Floating as we're waiting for the crash of the wave Something steady Steady me from the night, from the night Something save me Save me from what's inside In the night

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Created by: Aislinn

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