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Title: ANA10741 Let You In

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Date Of Creation: 2018-02-12

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acoustic, indie, pop rock, and singer-songwriter

emotional, heartfelt, minimal, searching, and soft

Lyrical Themes:
independence, introspection, reminiscing, and youth

Similar Artists:
BROODS, Chvrches, Haim, Jenny Lewis, London Grammar, MØ, and Sky Ferreira


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Description: Becoming numb to emotional pain.

Lyrics: (verse 1) Look at all the time I’ve spent Circling around to prove I’m trying This fragile home I’ve built Gives with the weight of what you’re needing The woman I’ve become Has given in at times to pleading But this little room in here Houses the girl that I’m protecting (chorus 1) And oooh, she’s magic And oooh, you’ll catch wind of it And you’ll hear her singing But I can’t let you in (verse 2) To prove I’m strong enough I’ll oblige the games you’re playing I’ll have a laugh cued up So you don’t have to feel rejected I remember looking back Hoping to find the friend I’d wanted Oh no, not even that An empty frame where he’d been standing (chorus 2) And oooh, it’s tragic And oooh, you’ll catch wind of it And you’ll hear me crying But I can’t let you in And you’ll see my trying But I can’t let you in

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Created by: Aislinn

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