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Title: ANA10746 By Your Side with KVMO

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Date Of Creation: 2018-02-14

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electro pop, electronic, pop, and techno

dance, dj, honest, and technology

Lyrical Themes:
falling, letting go, lust, and relationship struggle

Similar Artists:
Calvin Harris, Charlie Puth, Flume, Justin Bieber, and Shawn Mendes


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    • By Your Side (feat. Trove) - Single (#1)
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Description: Trying to let go of a relationship that only hurt you. BPM 149

Lyrics: Talking bout me And you Nothin in our pockets That was never hard see With you Cos nothing ever mattered We were our own damn crew Stuck like glue Now it's been a minute and I'm feeling like you miss me too But I subdued The weight that I had carried and a love that you had misconstrued Now I am high Above the ground I never thought I could leave your Side Been doing fine and maybe I'll even kill some time Let it cross my mind You're borderline divine But that don't make it right Cause it always seems to hurt when I'm by your side Been thinking that you'd come through But it's always 'tomorrow' Master at a new excuse And I lose Don't bother with a drink love I think I'd rather be excused Cause' I can chose We don't need to kick it anymore, I think I've made my move I'm sorry too Cos I'm not paperthin but I can promise I'm not bulletproof

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Created by: Aislinn

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