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Title: ANA10748 The Journey with Au5

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Date Of Creation: 2018-02-14

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chill, electro pop, electronic, and pop

atmospheric, dreamy, earnest, floating, heartfelt, loving, and syrupy

Lyrical Themes:
desire, home, longing, making up, missing a loved one, missing you, night time, and regret

Similar Artists:
Calvin Harris, Charlie Puth, Flume, Justin Bieber, and Shawn Mendes


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    • The Journey - Single (#1)
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Description: Missing home and what you left behind, and regretting your decision to leave someone you love. BPM 63

Lyrics: What a delight Probably lay awake tonight A little run down But I can't seem to clear my mind I probably should Be told I'm all good I'm good Tired of nights Where I thought I'd feel twice As happier here happier here Everyone knows You don't know what you've got Til you're halfway across the world with the thought Of you Thought of you Now I can't help but long For home with you Apartment lights Litter the sky A thousand times Looking up I tell myself They seem alright It shouldn't be that hard To feel at home It's all good

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Created by: Aislinn

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