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Title: ANA10808 Letting Go feat. Dooqu

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Date Of Creation: 2018-01-19

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dance, electro pop, electronic, pop, and techno

dance, fun, and sentimental

Lyrical Themes:
breakup, letting go, relationship struggle, and romance

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Calvin Harris, Cheat Codes, Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, and Sondr


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Description: BPM 78

Lyrics: VERSE 1 Long ago we were driving like a blue haze, Matter whether we had both lost our ways. We were fighting something burning in our champagne, Days are hard not sure what gave it away. PRE CHORUS I've always been the one to stay when you've got to run, So maybe I've become a bullet to a handgun, I know when it's overdone. Getting tied on my tongue, I'm trying to find the words to say that I CHORUS I'm having trouble letting go, Oh I should have told you long ago I'm having trouble letting go, Oh I, oh I, oh I should have told you long ago. VERSE 2: You remember loving like this never had left, How I laid my hand on the soft of your breast. We were riding the motion like we never rest, Now I should probably pack my things and get dressed. PRECHORUS CHORUS BRIDGE: And I know I should be okay with letting go, But my heart still feels like hanging on. And I know that I'll be here on my own, So I guess I'll be okay with letting go. But I have to say, CHORUS ...Should have told you long ago

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Created by: Aislinn

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