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Title: ANA11130 It Used To Be A Movie

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Date Of Creation: 2020-02-19

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atmospheric, indie, and singer-songwriter

anticipation, confused, dreamy, emotional, honest, longing, moving, mysterious, reflective, uneasy, wonder, and yearning

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    • The Elephant and the Seahorse (#8)
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Description: BPM - 173 A song that challenges one's own memory, on whether or not we truly can recall events the exact way they happened. The compelling strings and quick piano create a mystical world that almost sounds like a dream.

Lyrics: It used to be a movie now it's a script on a page I could describe every color could replay every scene frame by frame The way that the orchestra swelled all around every word that we said Now all I see are black and white typewritten lines in my head. It used to be a movie now we’re just frozen in place Golden Toyko morning as the Japanese light licked your face I barely remember the words that exploded outside of the frame Now only the shot of your smile and your faraway eyes remains Did it ever really happen  Did it every really happen Did it ever really happen at all I’m sure I would recall Sometimes I catch myself remembering part of a dream And I can’t tell the difference except that you're still there with me The scientists say it all looks the same inside of our head Maybe someday i’ll only remember this version instead When I think of your picture That we hung by the stairs I can still smell the ocean and the breeze in yr hair I can still taste your laughter and the salt in the air And I swear I remember But I wasn’t there

Style Alike: Cinematic, beautiful, orchestral, Adam Melchor, Cody Fry, Dan Croll, Amber Run, Angus and Julia Stone, Jordan Critz


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