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Title: ANA11448 Windy

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Date Of Creation: 2021-06-11

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alternative, indie, pop, singer-songwriter, and soft rock

carefree, dance, fresh, fun, peppy, playful, rocking, and whimsical

Lyrical Themes:
doubt, enlightenment, hope, love, playful, and relationship

Similar Artists:
Arcade Fire, Bowling For Soup, Foster The People, Grouplove, Jimmy Eat World, and Local Natives


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  1. Vocal
    • Have You Ever? I've Always (#5)
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Description: Big acoustic guitars an air of the 70's while bringing out modern vocal production and lyrical melodies. Lyrically about how sometimes the strongest love can end. How we're forever changed by those people, overcoming the changes. BPM - 121

Lyrics: She used to look at me like I was always up to something She said “don't take me no fool” I swore that I was “only trying to be very nice” She said “but you never do!” I know you’ll side, for peace of mind And I might as well find the door Fold me back into the tube I came in, supersized You were always so sure Yeah I hope that you know My love was never for show I wish I could pick up the phone and say That I’ve never been the same Woo hoo! I gotta leave this place and If I dont I think I’ll die You know the south ain't my home There’s limits here and I could never ever live a lie And I don't like being alone And now she’s trapped That place in time These days i'm losing my mind Yeah, and I’d give anything to hear her speak one more time How do I live for both lives? Closer now to the sun She was always the one My heart drops when I hear he name Yeah I hope that she knows My love was never for show I get the feeling when I go insane That i’ve never been the same. Yah i've never been the same There’s nothing left inside Now that the wind blows through my brain Woo hoo! I never wanted things to change, but they did Could you hide me inside of your place again? I was always going to follow you But now you're following your mother and me Your ghost connects us Allows me to follow my dreams Yeah Yeah! Woo hoo!

Style Alike: The Goo Goo Dolls


Created by: Taryn

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