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Title: ANA11456 Fist Fight

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Date Of Creation: 2018-05-18

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hard rock, pop rock, rock, and singer-songwriter

bold, driving, exciting, fresh, liberating, lively, moving, and spirited

Lyrical Themes:
independence, overcoming challenges, rebellious, regret, restless, revenge, and self destruction

Similar Artists:
American Authors, Arcade Fire, Foster The People, Green Day, Grouplove, Local Natives, Neon Trees, Pearl Jam, and Third Eye Blind


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    • Tayls (#5)
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Description: Uptempo driving rock song with shimmery percussive and synth elements in the chorus. About breaking out of your normal routine, creating new and better patterns for yourself. BPM - 171

Lyrics: I’ll never win a Fist Fight I’ll never be a runner I wake up in the yard most nights Painted different colors And I refuse to be, The fool again A change you’ll see But you know me… I am the bully I am the victim I condense my whole world down And put it in a prison If you’re someone who is freakless You probably wouldn’t like me Lets agree to disagree this isn’t good timing And I find myself a mystery That I keep on repeating It’s like I lost and found that point For no apparent reason And you might think Of me a little junky But you’re not far off Some people tend to call me A little insane… But forever I am Golden I could never Glisten In my mind there is not a thing like “Too much in my system” If you’re someone who is freakless You somehow surround me Putting me up baby to the test I guess I’ll put it all behind me I am the convict, and I am my own prison It’s like missile strike right into my mind in the middle of a crisis And if you’re putting on that black dress, you don’t have to remind me I guess i’m not really trying to die. And that’s a better feeling, yeah Getting out of the city Breaking out of the prison Spreading my mind and heart around Break it into pieces Yeah I’m leaving on that next train Out to where the sun ends Collect my things Give it all away Put me out of your vision.

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Notes: screaming

Created by: Taryn

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