🎉 Anacrusis annual Summer Camp!

🎉 Anacrusis annual Summer Camp!

Aug 20, 2022

Anacrusis' annual SUMMER CAMP is back with all the lake fun plus so many incredible songs! We had 9 local Nashville-based songwriters working all week, plus two wonderful music supervisors flew in to work with our writers, Nellie Rajabi at Apple and Brian Vickers at Disney. Hosted at Sandy Cove Lake House in Nashville – you just can't beat this stunning location.


Summer Camp 2022

Aug 19, 2022

We just wrapped up our annual Summer Camp at Sandy Cove Lake House which featured so many incredibly talented people! We want to thank - Tolan Shaw, TARYN, Menna, Franky C, IOLITE, Parker Mathews, Mark Campbell, Riley Friesen, Justin Morgan! A huge thanks to the two wonderful music supervisors who flew in to work in the studio with our writers, nellsss at Apple and Brian Vickers at Disney Studios - to help the songs be targeted for your world!


Forever Summer Hamptons

Jul 15, 2022

OUT TODAY!! Check out all the Hamptons drama - and all the great songs - on Prime Video! Thank you Webb Worldwide for all the love!


Countdown to the Hamptons!

Jun 29, 2022

We can't wait for FOREVER SUMMER: HAMPTONS to drop in a couple of weeks on Prime Video! We've got a bunch of songs featured and we're feeling the forever summer mood for sure!


Animal Kingdom

Jun 20, 2022

Animal Kingdom is back and we've got music in the final season! Listen in for PuffHost in episode one of this new season!


NASCAR Placement

Jun 7, 2022

We've just landed a super fun spot with NASCAR! Go listen for Volunteer Sounds and watch it on FOX TV!


"In Your Hands" featured in All American

May 23, 2022

Tolan Shaw's "In Your Hands" was featured in All American! Written at our Anacrusis Candy Cove Retreat by John Danoff, Joe Thibodeau, and Tolan Shaw, this anthemic Hip-Hop song brings about an electrifying experience! Thank you Madonna Wade-Reed for all the love this season! Go watch it!


"The End" featured in All American

May 11, 2022

Such a beautiful spot for this beautiful song!! "The End" by Jeff Carl, written by Mark Siegel and Megan Davies.


Gratefulness in Full Bloom

May 9, 2022

We are so grateful to Madonna Wade-Reed for always championing so many indie artists!! Another one tonight on The CW All American with Jeff Carl, Megan Davies, and Mark Siegel!


Call Me Kat

Apr 28, 2022

The series finale of Call Me Kat on FOX TV featuring end credits by Owen Danoff, Joe Thibodeau, and Justin Halpin!